Kingwear brand

Kingwear history

In September 2015

With the expectation from market, Kingwear marketed its new model no. GT88. This model used the advanced CPU MTK2502C, which made it perfectly use on both ISO OS and Android OS. It was already very popular before marketing, lots of orders were receive

In September 2015

At the same time of marketing GT88, Kingwear also issued a smart watch model GT68 to the market. This model was special for the outdoor sports with the function such as GPS and compass. Its concept took design inspiration from the Transformers.

In January 2015

To continue the classic product such as GV08, GT08 was marketed.

In July 2014

The first generation smart watch GV08 was released to the market, which was sold out for many times with 1.2 million pieces within one year since it was published in July 2014, and finally many copies appeared on the market.